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Newsletter 12-2015

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   Incepand cu primul numar din 2015 al Newsletter am introdus Like Box Facebook Pages ca modalitate de afisare a postarilor.
   Am ales acest tip de socializare datorita cantitatii de informatii si noutati de interes din domeniul maselor plastice si cauciuc, precum si usurintei de a lua la cunostinta despre acestea, in timp real.
   Deasemeni, aveti la dispozitie si alte tipuri de socializare, alaturi de Facebook si Google + , printre care enumar: Twitter, Linkedin, precum si/sau alte modalitati de promovare (bloguri si feeduri): Blogspot, RSS, Wordpress, Tumblr, ...

   Articole (postari):

   - Injection molding news: Husky garners innovation award; Meusburger refines centering:
   - Hackable Toys Stress an Overworked Santa:
   - The Magic of Invention: Educating with 3D Printers:
   - Sonoco invests in plastics while closing paper operations:
   - The sky's the limit for plastics:
   - Laser printing on coated cartons and cases eliminates labels:
   - TIPS WITH TONY: Mixing It Up with Plastic Colorants:
   - Spirol: Edge-Bonded Shims Minimize Assembly Costs for Manufacturers:
   - IC Optix: Magnifier label:
   - Plastic packaging dominates the personal care market:
   - Top 4 personal care packaging concepts of 2015:
   - Conductive Plastics, Part 1: Mackinac shows its backbone when it comes to conductive plastics:
   - Supplement fights fakes with hologramembedded safety seal:
   - The force is strong with these packages:
   - Ikea’s Space 10 Shows Us the Future of the Meatball (Hint: It Includes 3D Printing!):
   - Polimotor Says All-Plastic Car Engine Coming Soon, Reveals First Parts & Solvay Materials:
   - 2016 Tech Crystal Ball: 7 Trends for Engineers to Keep Top of Mind:
   - 3D-Printed Injection Mold Inserts Allow Faster, Cheaper Design and Prototyping:
   - This Self-Healing Gel Doesn't Need Stimuli to Repair and Connect Circuits:
   - Genius Invention of the Day: Computerized Tape Gun Turns Adhesive Tape into Building Materia:
   - Know How - Injection Molding Zone: Plastics Technology:
   - Sticking Sprues or Parts? Lots of Possible Causes and Solutions:
   - 20 Inventions Created by Mistake – Part 2:
   - 10 ways smart packaging can illuminate your brand:
   - Designers and engineers find value in smart packaging:
   - 3D Printing will Transform Plastics Industry:
   - Hasco integrates mould data storage directly in the mould:
   - Breakthrough Innovation! Meet the “Polimotor 2”:
   - MENSHEN relies on THERMOLAST® K for dosing valves:
   - Frustration-Free Packaging:
   - The R&D Tax Credit Aspects of 3D Bioprinting:
   - A 5-pack of the year’s best beer packaging:
   - 10 New Plastics For Airplane Interiors, Car Exteriors, and Medical Devices:
   - 3D Printer-Like ‘Prometheus’ Machine Creates Circuit Boards in Minutes:
   - AkzoNobel unveils color trends guide for automotive and consumer electronics:
   - Create the Strongest Patent Possible With These 5 Tips:
   - NEW JOURNAL: Pitting Manufacturing Processes Against One Another:
   - How Plastic Injection Works, And What's So Brilliant About LEGO's Design:
   - Dunlop and BASF create revolutionary Power Flex technology for padel bats:
   - Free 3D Printable of the Week: Chewbacca:
   - Purging Compounds for the plastics processing Industry:
   - Bowl-and-sleeve packaging ‘elevates’ Ready Pac salads:
   - Pacific Design & Manufacturing Preview: 7 Companies & Products to See in Anaheim:
   - Caterpillar Will Show You Just How Real 3D Printing for Direct Manufacturing Has Become:
   - 10 New 3D Printing Technologies: Multimaterials, Clay, & Factory-Floor Composites:
   - Top flexible packaging news of 2015:
   - Sweet Surface! A Stylish Corian Countertop That Charges Your Phone:

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